Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing


Interest and demand in direct farm marketing of locally produced foods has grown substantially over the last decade. There is also a growing number of ways in which farmers and consumers interact. In all of its forms, direct farm marketing is an effort to establish personal contact between the people who raise the food and the people who eat it.  By doing so the people involved on both sides of the transaction have shortened the chain that brings food to the marketplace.

The lack of information about the laws and rules applying to direct farm marketing, creates uncertainty about how different business decisions might impact a farm.  This uncertainty can increase the risk that direct farm marketers will engage in behavior which might create legal or financial risks for their operations.  Everyone will agree that it is better to know the answer – if one exists – than to guess what the answer might be.  The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing was written to help give you many of these answers.

If you would like to access the guide or find more information on it, please visit the Direct Marketers Forum.