Sixteen Things to Know About the DMWW Proposed Drainage District Lawsuit, presentation by Neil Hamilton, March, 3, 2015, Iowa Water Conference

Retail Agriculture: Bringing Our A Game to Local Foods, presentation by Matt Russell, January, 29, 2015, Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Conference

Local Food Systems and the Impact on the Environment, presentation by Matt Russell, November 30, 2012, 11th Annual Great Lakes Environmental Legislators Forum

Food and the Future: Helping USDA Create 100,000 New Farms, presentation by Prof. Neil D. Hamilton, November 20, 2010, Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners Conference

Food Policy Affecting Food System Development, presentation by Matt Russell, September 4, 2009, Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

Promoting Food Policy Councils, presentation by Matt Russell, August 25, 2009, UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Chapel Hill, NC

Taking Advantage of Iowa’s Local Food Movement, presentation by Matt Russell

Local and Regional Foods: Policy and Institutions, presentation by Matt Russell

2008 Farm Bill: Fifty Provisions to Know about Rural Development, Conservation, Food, and Energy, presentation by Prof. Neil D. Hamilton

County Regulations & Legal Issues Affecting Agritourism, presentation by Matt Russell

Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure: Issues for Iowa , presentation by Prof. Neil D. Hamilton

Agriculture and Food Production 101, presentation by Prof. Neil D. Hamilton

Feeding our Sustainable Green Future: Legal Issues in Agricultural Land Tenure, presentation by Prof. Neil D. Hamilton

Organic Agriculture and the 2008 Farm Bill, presentation by Prof. Neil D. Hamilton

The Changing Face of Agricultural Health and Safety NAAC and ICASH, presentation by Matt Russell