SOIL Conference Documents

Agricultural Act of 2014: Conference Report

American Agricultural Law Association: Annual Meeting 2015 

Arbuckle and Bates 2015: Farmer Perspectives on Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Arbuckle and Roesch 2015: Cover Crop Adoption in Iowa 

Arbuckle and Rosman 2014 Iowa_Farmers’_Nitrogen_Management Practices and Perspectives

Cover Crops for Sustainable Crop Rotations 

Crop Insurance: An Annual Disaster

Egli and Hatfield: Yield Gaps and Yield Relationships in Central U.S. Soybean Production Systems 

Egli and Hatfield: Yield and Yield Gaps in Central U.S. Corn Production Systems 

Five Questions-Landowners Should Ask Their Farmers about Soil Health

Hamilton: Feeding Our Green Future: Legal Responsibilities and Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure

Hamilton: Rural Lands and Rural Livelihoods: Using Land and Natural Resources to Revitalize Rural America 

Hatfield 2012: Spatial Patterns of Water and Nitrogen Response Within Corn Production Fields

Hatfield: Nitrate-nitrogen Patterns in Raccoon River Basin Related to Agricultural Practices

Hatfield: Multifunctionality of Agriculture and Farming System Design: Perspectives from the United States

How Changes in Iowa Land Tenure Impact Conservation

Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll: 2013 Summary Report

Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll: 2014 Summary Report

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Annual Progress Report 2014-2015 

IWILL 2015

Keeney: Celebrating Soils in 2015: What Would Aldo Say?

Practical Farmers of Iowa : Small Grains and Soil Quality

Prairie Strips on my Land: FAQ

Registration List

Socially Responsible Farmland Investment (4-30-15)

SOIL Conference: 20 Questions Survey Results

Soil Conservation Cost Share, SFY 2015 Annual Report


Soil Con Scorecard 2015 #2